We pride ourselves here at SOG Guitars on building affordable boutique guitars for everyone. Each and every one of our guitars are handmade here in Chicago Illinois. We hand pick all the materials to ensure the best quality.

affordable boutique guitarsSOG Guitars builds handmade affordable boutique guitars for those who appreciate them as art as well as instruments. It is our desire to create your dream custom guitar, at a price that a working musician can afford. We hand-build each guitar here in Chicago Illinois. We never mass produce any of our guitars, so you can be sure you will have a totally unique guitar when you buy from SOG Guitars.

SOG Guitars wants you to play loud, and play more. Whatever you play. Wherever you play. We have you covered. Check out our full line of guitars and order yours today. There are now five series of guitars, Reborn, Jubilare, Soteria, & Archangel as well as custom basses. No matter what you choose, you will be sure to have a custom guitar that allows you to express your music in a completely unique way.

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