It's Your Guitar

When you order a custom guitar or bass from SOG Guitars, you are truley getting something that is 100% yours. Choose from a large selection of wood for the body, top, neck and the fretboard. You choose your pickups, inlays, and fret markers with your own design, custom stains, and hardware.
SOG Guitars works with you to create your very own custom guitar!

Building a custom guitar
Simple Ordering

The ordering process has been made super simple. Just head over the custom orders page and fill out the form. Simply choose your favorite model, choose your materials, and extras. Once you fill out the form, SOG Guitars will be in contact with you to get your order started.

SOG Guitars headstock
Find Your Voice

If you need extra help, SOG Guitars will help you find the perfect combination of wood or any custom options available at SOG Guitars. We will work with you to find your desired sound. Just describe your desired sound and let us build your brand new custom SOG Guitar.

SOG Guitars Custom Build

The SOG Guitars Custom Shop creates beautiful handmade guitars and basses. Every guitar produced by SOG Guitars is unique to itself and crafted from hand picked materials. SOG Guitars started as a hobby out of a garage in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois and now has guitars that have been played by talented musicians across the US and featured on a number of albums.

When you order a custom handmade build from SOG Guitars, we design your dream guitar or bass from the start. You will be able to select the model, the wood, stain, tuners, and hardware. These custom shop guitars are built by hand in Chicago Illinois specifically for you.

To get started, just choose from a wide variety of options for your custom guitar, then click “order” to submit. It’s that easy to get started on your dream guitar.

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